Executive Councils

At the heart of the MFEA is its Executive Council Program. Four Councils ensure that senior executives from core business practice areas interact with their peers—and their colleagues from other practice areas—to develop the very best strategies for investors and advisors. Executive Council Steering Committees provide vital leadership and direction for these Councils.

Digital Council
The only industry-sponsored forum of its kind for e-commerce executives, MFEA’s Digital Council brings together individuals- responsible for planning and executing e-business strategies. Together, they examine promotions, technology, education, services and marketing online, while addressing issues of mutual concern.

Distribution Council
The MFEA’s Distribution Council keeps members informed of the trends, challenges and opportunities in fund distribution and product management. The Distribution Council seeks the latest data, prominent experts and perspective to help explore this critical business area.

Marketing Council
The Marketing Council is comprised of executives responsible for the development and execution of initiatives and strategies in the areas of retail and third party marketing, shareholder communications, corporate image and public relations. Representatives exchange ideas, explore industry trends and examine marketing and sales communications issues.

Product Council
MFEA’s newly launched Product Council provides a one-of-a-kind forum for senior executives over product innovation, development and governance. The Product Council explores trends, challenges and opportunities in the critical business area of product management through expert presentations, data review, best practices and strategic conversations.