Serving sales professionals from firms with over $53.6 trillion in total market capitalization, Hey DAN (formerly Dial-a-Note) has been the premier voice to CRM solution for more than 17 years. Salespeople simply dictate and Hey DAN deposits the information directly into your CRM. Drop-down menus, check boxes and other unique fields are quickly filled out. Hey DAN is the first voice to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence, ensuring meeting note entry is fast, accurate, and complete. We also offer a full suite of solutions to redirect administrative tasks tools to personalize the client/wholesaler relationship with client dossiers, scheduling and event management tools and territory level branded microsites. We are able to support the entire sales organization from back of the house research to advisor engagement in the field to improve customer retention.

More than your premier voice to CRM solution, Hey DAN is now a trusted multi-tool to over 80 clients in the asset management and insurance industry.

Dave Kriz
Head of Strategy

P.O. Box 5182
Greenwich, CT 06831