Fugent provides distribution and marketing teams with an integrated technology suite that helps create personalized experiences and builds relationships with target advisors. Through an integrated Scheduling Assistant, Engagement Management platform, Branded Digital Presence, and Distributed Content Library; Fugent collects data on each interaction and surfaces insights so manufacturers can more easily attract the right advisors with the right experience.

Scheduling Assistant:
Cut out the back and forth of scheduling meetings, allow advisors to tell you when, how, and why they’d like to meet and what they want to discuss.

Engagement Management Platform:
Amp up your meeting and event promotions with Fugent. With automated emails, reminders, and registrations, you will attract more advisors without investing more time. Real-time dashboards track engagement, so you know how many advisors read your emails, which advisors register, who shows up, and how many download your content.

Branded Digital Presence:
With Fugent, wholesalers can drive their own marketing engine—fully branded, approved, and ready to deploy. By creating a personalized web presence, wholesalers increase their availability to advisors, giving them one stop for connecting with you, from scheduling meetings to downloading thought leadership content.

Distributed Content Library:
Marketing can be more integrated with the wholesalers, with Fugent, marketing uploads branded content and templates to a single repository, allowing wholesaling teams to access files independently, reducing requests and freeing up time to reach prospects. Also creating link tracking for all files, so even when wholesalers send content across channels, you can see how the content performs.

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Dan Caldwell
Vice President of Business Development
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