Frequently Asked Questions About the STAR Awards
Can I enter a submission in more than one category?
Yes. You may enter the same submission in more than one category as long as it is a fit. Each submission will be billed according to the 2024 STAR pricing.
Can I enter materials from previous years?
Materials from previous years can be entered if they have not previously won a STAR Award or have been significantly revised since receiving a STAR Award.
Can I enter materials used outside the U.S.?
No, communication materials must be used in the U.S.
How are entries judged?
  • Effectiveness – The entry achieves stated objectives and goals provided for entry.
  • Messaging – Clear, concise, compelling, consistent, and effective messaging.
  • Educational Value – Entry informs and educates the target audience on a relevant topic.
  • Innovation – Dynamic, innovative, and unique tactics communicate key messages to target audiences.
  • User Experience – Accessibility, clarity, functionality, simplicity, and usability.
  • Design – Creativity in the layout, visuals, graphics, and other design elements.
  • Consistency – The design, messaging, and user experience are consistent and integrated across all aspects of the entry.
  • Distribution – Multiple relevant distribution channels are used to reach the target audience.
How do I enter for an overall award?
Please submit samples that showcase different efforts from the firm in the area of Investor, Advisor and/or Retirement. Samples should align with existing categories and show consistency and integration in the key areas of effectiveness, messaging, educational value, innovation, user experience, distribution and design.
How do I pay for a STAR Award entry?
After your entry has been submitted, you will receive an invoice via email. When you view this invoice in your browser, you will have the option to pay online. You can also mail a check or submit an ACH payment.
How many recipients can there be per category?
Award categories may have multiple recipients if entering firms represent different asset classes or if there is a tie.
How much does it cost to enter?
It costs $495 per entry for IMEA Members and $695 per entry for non-IMEA Members.
What is an asset class?
Entries are grouped and judged according to the entering firm’s asset class to ensure all entries have a fair opportunity. Asset classes are based on total firm assets under management (AUM) in the United States.
When should my materials have been used?
There is not a set time frame on when the communication materials were used. However, the materials must not have won a STAR Award previously unless they have been significantly revised (e.g. website).
When will the 2024 entry form open?
The entry form will open Wednesday, June 19, 2024.
When is the 2024 entry deadline?
The deadline to enter the 2024 STAR Awards is Monday, August 5, 2024.
When will STAR Awards recipients be announced?
Recipients will be announced at the 2024 STAR Awards Ceremony | October 23, 2024 | New York.
Who can enter?
The STAR Awards accepts entries from both investment management firms and agencies submitting on behalf of investment management firm clients (e.g., public relations agencies, etc.). Efforts of all investment management firms may be submitted regardless of IMEA Membership.
Who judges entries?
Entries are judged by an impartial panel of communications, marketing, and innovation leaders within the investment management industry.
Who should I contact if I have questions?
Please email STAR Awards.
Why enter?
Benefits of entering include recognition for outstanding education and innovation efforts, invaluable peer feedback, and more. Learn more on our Why Enter page.