Will be presented in three asset levels, based on total AUM. Entries will be judged by a panel of investment management leaders with expertise in marketing, communications, digital platforms, user experience, education and content development and distribution as well as other industry experts. Entries will be evaluated on:

 Effectiveness / Impact
Entries achieve stated objectives and goals and provide a significant and positive impact for the firm.
 Messaging & Design
Entries demonstrate clear, concise, consistent and effective messaging as well as creative design elements and compelling visuals and graphics.
Entries utilize dynamic, innovative and unique tactics to engage target audiences.
 User Experience
Entries provide users with a simple, accessible, and efficient overall experience.
Relevant and appropriate distribution methods are utilized to reach the entry’s target audience(s).
One award will be presented in each category across all asset classes. Leadership Awards will be will be evaluated by a panel of IMEA Leadership and industry experts and consults, i.e., FUSE, Broadridge, SS&C, financial press, IMPRINT, etc., based on relevant criteria focused on success, impact, creativity and innovation.

 Marketing Innovation Award 
  • Creation of dynamic multimedia content, including both digital and print, to effectively communicate key messages and engage diverse audiences.
  • Utilization of innovative storytelling techniques to captivate and inform audiences in unique ways.
  • An innovative initiative focuses on building and nurturing a vibrant community around the brand, product, or cause, fostering connections among customers, advocates, and stakeholders through online forums, user-generated content campaigns, or offline events.
 Marketing Team of the Year Award 
  • Overall achievements and success of the team.
  • Achievements of stated goals.
  • Key results and impact on the business.
 Sales Enablement Team of the Year 
  • Overall achievements and success of the team.
  • Achievements of stated goals.
  • Key results and impact on the business.
 Product Innovation Award 
  • Product success in addressing a unique problem or challenge for investors.
  • Strategies developed and executed for addressing identified problems or challenges.
  • Efforts to educate investors and/or financial advisors about the benefits of this product.
 Community Investment Award 
  • Clear goals set for community projects and demonstrated success in achieving or exceeding these objectives.
  • Program initiatives addresses specific needs within the community, demonstrating innovation and effectiveness.
  • Tangible evidence of the positive effects generated by the firm’s community investment endeavors.
  • Originality and inventiveness in approach, showcasing the firm’s ability to think outside the box in addressing community needs.
 IMEA Lifetime Achievement Award
The IMEA Lifetime Achievement Award will be granted on an annual basis at the discretion of the IMEA Executive Committee.
Entry fees for 2024 will be $495 for each entry submitted for IMEA members and $695 for each entry submitted by non-members.