In addition to promoting financial literacy, teamwork, innovation, and community giving, the STAR Awards offer a variety of other benefits to both participants and recipients, including networking, professional development, and recognition within the industry. Participants also gain valuable insights into emerging trends and best practices, fostering continued growth and achievement in their respective fields. 
Participants are invited to attend the STAR Awards presentation to celebrate and network with industry colleagues.
Participants can view winning STAR Awards entries on, offering the opportunity to learn best practices from leading investment management firms.
STAR Awards recipients are:

  • Announced at the STAR Awards presentation attended by industry leaders.
  • Included in a press release distributed to industry trade news outlets.
  • Featured on and IMEA’s social platforms.
  • Provided with a STAR Awards recipient image to use on winning materials.


 “At Columbia Threadneedle we have participated in the STAR Awards for many years. We love that the STAR Awards program mirrors the culture of the IMEA itself, as a forum in which industry peers share ideas, learn from each other and help us move forward together. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase capabilities and gain feedback and recognition for the teams who collaborate to produce excellent content and campaigns to engage and educate our clients.” 
– Vicki L.,
Columbia Threadneedle Investments
 “The Star Awards are the only venue specific to the asset management industry – where not only is marketing at center-stage, but where work is judged by peers in the industry. It is a celebration of effort and creativity in a highly competitive business and I have found that the recognition it provides is very meaningful to the many individuals that often put heart and soul into building programs and campaigns to support their firms.” 
– David M.
 “I enjoy participating in the IMEA STAR Awards program because it gives our firm the opportunity to step back and take a look at everything we’ve produced over the course of a year. As we gather material to submit our entries, we are reminded of the wonderful or new things we tried, we are reminded of what we could improve upon, and we are reminded of what we would still like to accomplish. The STAR Awards event is unique because not only are you recognized for all the hard work. It’s always helpful to see what other firms are doing, whether they are the same size firm as yours or in a completely different category. At U.S. Global Investors two of our key values are recognition of achievement as well as curiosity to learn and improve. The STAR Awards is a perfect example of both.” 
– Holly M.,
U.S. Global Investors